How To Reach Your Daily Water Intake

Your daily water intake is a big deal. Besides helping you flush out toxins, drinking lots of water is a great way to lose weight and keep those kilos off.

It’s said that we should all be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. But, what most people don’t know is that you can be counting a lot more towards that daily number.

For example, many drinks contribute towards your daily water intake and 20% of water should come from food. Here’s a list of some foods and drinks that contain enough water for you to count in: 


  • Fruit – watermelon, strawberries, apples, grapes, avocados, oranges, bananas
  • Vegetables – lettuce, celery, pickles, broccoli, potatoes, corn
  • Soups
  • Yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Ice cream

Avoid: Salty foods as it’s dehydrating

Try out this recipe for Tandoori Chicken Flatbreads With Watermelon Salad

Tandoori Chicken Flatbreads With Watermelon Salad


  • Milk
  • Fruit juice – an extra trick is to dilute your glass of juice with some water
  • Tea – take it unsweetened and without milk, and when you can go green
  • Coffee – it can still count depending on how many cups you have a day

Avoid: Alcohol as it’s dehydrating

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Make water more interesting

If you’re one of those souls who just find water unappealing, here’s how you can make it more drinkable:

  • DIY a bottle of flavoured water by adding fruit and herbs. Lemon, berries, mint, cucumber are always great choices.
  • You can also try freezing your fruit pieces to double up as ice blocks and flavour boosters.
  • Give carbonated water a try! You’ll still get all the benefits with the added joy of bubbles.

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