Happiness Advice From Louise Carver

Singer Louise Carver talks to us about why she loves this time of year, what makes her happy and taking time out for what truly matters.

Having worked as a professional musician since the age of 15, the petite songbird – Louise Carver, has been a busy lady over the years and now runs her own record label, Evergreen Music, and jewellery line, the Louise Carver Collection.

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She shares a few key pieces of happiness advice for women, while talking about her own life:

It’s taken me years to get my priorities right and now I guard my personal life. I refuse to live by the rules of what’s expected of me and I cherish my private life.

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On relaxing…

I’ve learnt that it’s essential to take time off. I think more and more people are realising that if you don’t spend time away from work, you’ll burn out. I’ve discovered that if I’m not happy, I have very little energy and I’m of no use to anyone. I want to nurture all areas of my life and enjoy many amazing experiences.

I’m truly happy when I walk my dogs in the park every day. This keeps my soul at peace. I know everyone in the park by name and I’m often having to haul Elvis, my Scottish Terrier, out of the water when he decides to treat himself to a dip!

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On health matters…

Sunscreen is my number one beauty product. And YSL’s Touche Eclat is a miracle worker. It removes dark rings under my eyes even after the longest night, and along with a little blush and lip gloss, it leaves me feeling fab.

I take a relaxed approach to my health. A daily walk with my dogs and a picnic in the park once or twice a month do the trick. One of my main goals is to get back into doing yoga. It’s so good for alignment and an overall sense of wellbeing.

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Caffeine is one of my main vices. I can’t get enough cups of tea and coffee in a day! There’s a gorgeous patisserie in my neighbourhood and I love taking time out there. I also sneak off to work there and treat myself to a crisp baguette and cup of good, strong coffee. I also have a bit of a problem with chocolate, like most women! I can’t seem to relax if there’s an unfinished slab in my house.

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However, I am much more conscious of my diet nowadays. Not from a weight-loss perspective I just want to make sure I’m eating the most natural, healthy foods I can. I tend to choose full-cream products because I want to avoid all the artificial sweeteners that are packed into low-fat goods. I’d rather have less of the real McCoy and know that I’m keeping it as natural as possible.

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