You Could Lose 1kg Overnight With This Easy Diet

The Overnight Diet could help you lose 1kg overnight! Rather than being a fad diet, this is a proven method for sustainable weight loss based on scientific research.

lose 1kg overnight

Lose 1kg overnight with The Overnight Diet

Weight-loss expert Dr Caroline Apovian created The Overnight Diet after years of observing her patients’ struggles. Her goal was to formulate a science-based diet that allowed her patients to lose weight fast and keep it off.

‘Through research, I’ve pinpointed the main culprit that thwarts efforts to fight fat, slows metabolism, leads to yo-yo dieting, and devastates health.

Contrary to popular belief, it [diet] has nothing to do with willpower’, Dr Apovian says.

‘It’s muscle wasting, sarcopenia [or] Shrinking Muscle Syndrome. It is the loss of muscle mass, strength and function that may naturally occur with age, but that may also be a dangerous side-effect of most popular weight-loss methods.

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The nutritional make-up of many diets can cause the body to attack your muscles for energy, leaving you thinner, but weaker and flabbier.

Preventing Shrinking Muscle Syndrome is the ultimate key to weight loss that lasts, and it’s why I’ve engineered The Overnight Diet specifically to maintain lean muscle while eradicating flab.’

How does it work? There are 3 easy steps to lose 1kg overnight

1.Fuel up: For 6 days, you’ll be ‘protein-sparing’. By eating a high-protein diet, your body will stay in fat-burning mode and, instead of losing lean muscle, you’ll lose unwanted fat.

This method has been used in American hospitals to treat obesity with only protein being eaten as part of the modified fast.

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However, Dr Apovian now recommends combining other foods groups such as lean carbs (whole grains, fruit and non-starchy vegetables) to achieve the same slimming results.

2.Power up: On the 7th day you’ll be drinking homemade smoothies to give your body a break from solid food, which boosts weight-loss.

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‘Taking a break from solid food has been the subject of decades of research showing that it produces overnight weight loss and a health boost so powerful it increases longevity’, she says.

‘Scientific evidence shows that this is something our bodies are genetically programmed to do. But people in the West no longer engage in this once-common practice and research shows that because of this our genetic programming has started working against us by piling more and more fat onto our bodies.’

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‘The combination of The Overnight Diet primes the body, creating a sort-of “metabolic marvel” that maximises weight loss’, Dr Apovian explains. ‘It is formulated specifically to start incinerating fat faster than other diets. This plan is engineered to turn on the process almost immediately.’

In fact, some of Dr Apovian’s patients have reportedly lost 1kg in one day on The Overnight Diet.

‘Your genetic programming says your body is designed to follow a pattern of feasting on food and then hunting and gathering for your next meal. The Overnight Diet combination creates this natural cycle’, she adds.

Weight loss shouldn’t plateau by alternating between the two.

3.Exercising is essential

Exercise is vital to losing weight. Luckily, with The Overnight Diet, there is no need to spend hours in the gym.

‘Recent research has revealed that integrating two concepts into one burns more fat faster than any other workout. It’s like getting twice the results in half the time’, Dr Apovian says.

Try combining resistance training with short cardio blasts for 20 minutes 4 times a week. Watch the short video below for some ideas of what exercises you can do.

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lose 1kg in a day with the overnight diet

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