How To Embrace Minimalism

Cutting back on waste, recycling more, making life less complicated – we have some simple ways to embrace minimalism and feel better about the world!

Learn to embrace simpler living

Try these new mantras to embrace minimalism in your home…

Cut down. Use less, conserve more. What can you use less of? Make-up, printer paper, cleaning products. Imagine you’re running out and try to use just enough.

Use it up, wear it out. Make the most of food (leave enough supper for lunch the next day, make a frittata from leftover veg, or use a chicken carcass for a soup stock). Plan meals and aim to never throw anything away except trimmings and waste.

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Clean your kitchen appliances so they work better and last longer.

Store your shoes on shoe trees, so they last longer. You get the picture!

Make time for what matters. And always question why you’re giving time and energy to things you don’t enjoy.

Save energy

Buy energy-efficient large appliances. And only replace them when you have to. Ensure freezers aren’t too close to the wall (makes them less efficient) and keep them fully stocked (makes them more efficient).

Air-dry clothes. Invest in a long, retractable clothes line and position it in the garden where you get the most light.

Don’t turn on lights for as long as you can. And turn them off when you leave the room, unless they’re fluorescent bulbs (these use the most energy when turned on and off frequently). Consider using energy efficient bulbs – light emitting diode (LED) lights are the most expensive, but save more energy and are more durable.

Save on fuel

Keep to the speed limit. Use your cruise control and don’t rev the car when you’re idling in traffic.

Don’t keep anything weighty in (or on, in the case of a roof rack) the car if you’re not using it regularly.

Keep tyres inflated to the correct pressure, and get your car serviced regularly, both will save on fuel.

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Save water

Don’t rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Avoid running the tap when you’re brushing your teeth.

Take a shorter shower. Every two minutes you save on your shower can conserve around 45 litres of water.

Fix any leaky taps. That drip adds up to a lot of water down the drain.

2 Garden must-dos

Plant a herb garden. It’s easy and better than buying packs with too much in them or cheap supermarket plants that die off quickly.

Collect rainwater. The JoJo Slimline 750L Tank, from R2000 is designed for smaller gardnes. Use rainwater on indoor plants too. It’s better for them.

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