Our Top 5 Kitchen Cures to Beat Colds and Flu

We have five ways for you to treat your cold or flu, and they can all be found in your kitchen!

kitchen curesSalt

Best for? Getting rid of germs

Salt is renowned for its antiseptic qualities, so gargle with salt water when your throat is sore to kill any germs.

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Apple cider vinegar

Best for? Avoiding and treating a cold

Apple cider vinegar really is a kitchen cupboard hero! Studies suggest that the blood becomes more alkaline when the body is fighting off a cold. Apple cider vinegar taken medicinally helps with regulating the body’s acidic levels. Add a little to a bowl of boiling water then breathe in the vapours to help with congestion, or simply take a capful dissolved in water every day to strengthen immunity during flu season.


Best for? Staying healthy

There’s still no conclusive evidence that vitamin C will sort that cold, but it’s worth incorporating half a grapefruit into your diet each day during the winter, as the flavonoids it contains are known to stimulate the immune system.

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Fresh ginger

Best for? Bringing down a fever or calming a cough

Drinking enough fluids is essential. A hot cup of fresh ginger tea will help with dehydration, as well as sorting a shivery fever or tackling that annoying cough. Cut fresh ginger into small pieces then pour boiling water on top, allow to steep.


Best for? Beating stress

High levels of stress affect every area of the body – from that tension headache to that cold you can’t seem to shake. Try snacking on a handful of almonds. They’re rich in stress-busting vitamins and minerals.

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