iThemba Walkathon: Walkathon checklist

woman&home is gearing up for a 5km stint in the Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon on 25 October. Get fit alongside us, by checking out our walk-your-way to health guide featuring daily tips over the month of October!

Preparation is key ahead of a walkathon. Here’s what we’ll be packing…


Ditch your handbag and purse in favour of a backpack and moon-bag! Your backpack can carry a change of clothes for after your walk, sunscreen (applied before you set out, of course), energy-boosting nibbles and drinks for after you’ve crossed the finish line, your driver’s licence (for the drive home!), and some cash if you’d prefer to stock up on food and cool drink at the event.

Leave the backpack in your car. For the walk, take a handy, lightweight moon-bag for the essentials. This way, your shoulders won’t take strain. All you’ll need to carry is a bottle of water to keep hydrated along the way…

Moon-bag checklist:

  • Keys – house and car; leave the rest of the heavy bundle at home!
  • D – jot your name and a contact number down on a small piece of paper, in case you have an accident; carry your medical-aid card if you have one, too.
  • Tissues – for your nose, or the loo!
  • Cellphone – just in case!
  • Two or three plasters and small tube of antiseptic cream – for scrapes and blisters.
  • Lip balm – trust us, it’s essential!

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