How To Stay Motivated For Your Workout

If you find it all too tempting to skip your daily workout and sleep for a few extra minutes, use these three tips to show you how to stay motivated.

How to Stay Motivated

Don’t let boredom creep in.
Alternate your favourite workouts and change them when the mood takes you. This scores over grinding your way through the same workout day after day. Try one of our four best at home exercises to help mix things up. If you’re feeling tense, try a gentle mat workout, the stairs workout when your energy is low, skipping when you’re feeling puffy and bloated and dancing when you’re feeling blue.

Make it more interesting. Even we have to admit that walking up and down stairs or skipping for 20 minutes can be less than thrilling over time. Buy or borrow from the library an audio book tape or download one on your iPod and listen to it only when you exercise – there’s nothing like turning on a real cliff-hanger to get you motivated.

Put your exercise gear out each night. This helpful reminder will ensure that you don’t miss your daily workout session.


Lynn Cardy

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