How to look good in your 50s

There is a long list of female celebrities over the age of 50 who look amazing, making us wonder how they do it. We have the inside scoop…

Dame Helen Mirren, 70, uses an exercise plan designed by the Royal Canadian Air Force. It comprises 10 exercises for women, and includes push-ups, sit-ups, running on the spot and arm circling, to work all of the muscle groups.

Helen Mirren

“Each day, you have to do the exercises within the 12 minutes, and until you can, you can’t move up,” says Helen. Pair that with plenty of sleep, and Dame Helen thinks you have the perfect recipe for looking great, no matter what age you are: “When I’m working hard, I don’t party. I just go to bed. If I’m on a film, I even try to catch some sleep in my trailer at lunchtime. I really try to sleep as much as possible… it’s very important.”

Kim Catrall, 58, is a super-sexy, confident woman who believes staying stunning after 50 is all about taking care of ourselves. “I work out every other day. I try to do cardio three or four times a week,” she says. “I also do physio yoga – a combination of physio and yoga, so I’m constantly trying to rehabilitate my body.”

Sharon Stone, 57, has a figure most 20-year-olds would envy. Sharon follows a strict diet, which includes eating protein, dairy and moderate quantities of fat.

Trudie Styler, 61, thanks yoga for her enviable, toned body: “I practise for 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half every day. Yoga is the best holistic workout and body toner there is.”

Michelle Pfeiffer, 57, insists she has a low-maintenance approach to beauty. “I can go months, years, without a mani,” she said in a recent interview. “I never pluck my eyebrows. As far as body maintenance goes, I do eat well and I exercise. I go at it hardcore in my gym, but that’s it.”

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