Why Bouncing Is The New CrossFit

Ever wondered how celebrities like Britney Spears and Cher stay in shape? Quite simply, they jump!

What is rebounding?

It’s the latest fitness trend that promises great results, and it’s taking the world by storm. Simply put, it involves trampoline work in getting fit.

It’s a great workout for people wanting to take part in low-impact activities that help you tone up and lose weight.

rebounding lisa raleigh

Lisa Raleigh

In fact, numerous studies have shown that it’s one of the most efficient and effective exercises around.

According to founders of Rebound SA, Keith and Justine McFarlane, there’s a heap of benefits to be reaped from this fun and challenging activity.

Rebounding is not only great for toning that tush, it also strengthens muscle fibres in every part of your body, including the eyes, ears, heart, major organs and skin.

Wellness expert and media personality, Lisa Raleigh is also a fan and has loved it so much, she’s just qualified to teach it.

Here, she tells w&h why it’s one of the best toning and weigh loss workouts around…

I love rebounding because it’s a full body exercise that works both the cardiovascular and the muscular, skeletal system.

I’ve found that it’s great for weight loss because so many muscles are recruited at once – elevating the heart rate far more than most forms of exercise.

The unstable surface of rebounding makes it an excellent tool for toning.

Every muscle – especially your core – tightens in preparation for landing, yet there’s no jarring effect as your feet meet the rebounder.

It also offers a high weight-bearing load to really challenge your muscles (three times normal gravitational force – powerful enough to be used as compensatory exercise for astronauts, who can lose up to 15% of their muscle mass due to lack of gravity in space) yet I love that it’s easy on the joints and such a low impact activity.

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Exercise has to be fun but effective and not too time consuming.

Let’s face it, who has hours to spare for lengthy gym workouts? This is why I’ve embraced rebounding. I can do it at home and it offers higher returns per minute than other exercises.

Two minutes of intense rebounding has the same effect as six minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 minutes of walking.

Start with two minutes of rebounding, a few times throughout the day. You might think this won’t have any weight loss benefits but I promise you, it makes a powerful workout when practiced as little as three times a week.

I found my fitness increased dramatically and quickly.

This was after first starting rebounding after giving birth to my daughter a few months ago. The deepest layers of my core muscles were stiff initially, so I know it is reaching the muscles that most need to be trained.

I find I am also always motivated to train when rebounding because it’s simply so much fun!

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Can anyone do it?

“Generally I suggest that rebounding can be used by anyone who can walk, although I have used it successfully with people in a wheelchair and with very weak individuals, who can’t stand with support bars and a buddy bounce,” says Keith.

However it is very important to use it appropriately and according to current levels of health and fitness.

Keith recommends starting gently with as little as 30 seconds and building time and intensity according to capability.

“I’ve had cancer patients doing as little as 10 bounces and experiencing detox symptoms of headaches and nausea, and some athletes experiencing severe flu-like symptoms after just 10 minutes of bouncing, while some beginners easily manage 20 to 30 minutes. Each person is unique,” he adds.

“It’s important to note that a rebounder is not a mini trampoline, so a low bounce is always recommended to ensure lowest impact and highest benefit. We always offer guidance and support, depending on the individuals needs.”

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Where to buy a rebounder

You can find DVDs and rebounders at Rebound SA or try Sportsmans Warehouse stores nationwide.

Looking for a rebounding class…

Although Rebounding is a great form of exercise, it’s still a fairly new fitness trend to hit SA and so there aren’t many fitness classes available yet.

However, Lisa Raleigh will also be launching her revolutionary new Bounce Back Programme in May 2017, a holistic online programme aimed at helping moms at any stage of their journey regain control of their bodies. In the future, this will include some targeted rebounding workouts!

Check it out on her new website, launching soon.

In the meantime, look out for great videos on Youtube or click here for more online classes you can do at home.

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