Give Yourself A Boost With Emotional Freedom Technique

Feeling flat? Holistic health practitioner, Sally Canning explains how you can use Emotional Freedom Technique to help restore your energy levels…

“When tapped by your fingers, points on your body will send electrochemical impulses to your brain and release neurotransmitters.

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“Tapping the following three sets of points will pick you up when you are tired, increase your vitality and strengthen your immune system. It’s okay not to be precise about the location of each point – if you use several fingers to tap in the area described, you’ll hit the right spot.”


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The three taps

Going through the three taps routine may seem a little odd at first, but persevere and suddenly you’ll find things will click.

Kidney Meridian: To energise you if you’re feeling drowsy, and help focus you if you’re having difficulty concentrating. Place your fingers on your collarbone. Now slide them inwards toward the centre of your body and find the bumps where they stop.

Drop about 2,5cm beneath the corners and slightly outwards, until you feel a slight indentation. Tap and/or massage the points firmly while breathing deeply for 20 seconds.

Thymus Gland: To stimulate all of your energies, boost your immune system, and increase strength and vitality. Move your fingers down a couple of centimetres into the centre of your sternum (breastbone).

Firmly tap your thymus point with four fingers for about 20 seconds, as you breathe deeply.

Spleen Points: To lift your energy level, balance blood chemistry and strengthen your immune system.

Find the points by moving your fingers down beneath your breasts and in line with your nipples then move them down over the next rib. As you breathe deeply, tap firmly with several fingers for about 15 seconds.

All of these techniques are simple yet powerful, and practised regularly will have a cumulative effect. For more information on the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique, visit

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