4 Tips To Get Your Home Supreme Clean

Your home should feel like a sanctuary, and a clean home is always a pleasure to be in.


Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to scrub winter away and embrace the new season.

Plush Supreme’s wide range of products are here to make spring cleaning a breeze. Whether you are taking one week to spring clean your home, or are doing so over a few weekends, Plush Supreme will be there with you from the first dusting to the last touch of sparkle.

1. De-greasing your dishes

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen full of dirty dishes. Say goodbye to greasy or sticky dishes with the new Plush Supreme Dishwashing Liquid. The formulation quickly breaks down grease and dirt to leave your dishes cleaner than they have ever been.

2. Streak-free windows

For streak-free windows, spray Plush Supreme Window Cleaner on the window and use newspaper to rub it dry using circular motions. Your windows will be left spotless and streak-free.

3. Sparkling clean surfaces

For all those everyday surfaces and cleaning tasks, you need a good all-purpose cleaner to make cleaning easy. The new Plush Supreme All Purpose Cream is perfect for all the tough jobs, spills, and dirt you have to clean around the house.

4. Spotless carpets

You can be assured of clean and spotless carpets with Plush Supreme’s easy-to-use range of carpet cleaners, including carpet shampoo and carpet spot and stain remover.

Find the Plush Supreme range at all leading retail stores including Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and SPAR.

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