Get-Happy Nutrients, Feel-Good Ingredients

We’ve used feel-good ingredients proven to boost your happy hormones for after-work suppers, fresh new ideas for the weekend, and simple desserts. Make everyone happy!

Vitamin B6

Helps produce the “happy hormone” serotonin Good sources: wholegrains, pulses, lean meat and poultry, dark-green leafy vegetables, eggs, peanuts, soya beans.

Vitamin B12

Helps form a calming transmitter in the brain called GABA Good sources: shellfish, oily fish, wholegrains and pulses, lean meat, dairy products (including cheese), soya, fortified cereals.

Vitamin C

Boosts your immune system, and can fight cell damage resulting from stress and fatigue. Good sources: raw fruits and veg, especially berries, citrus fruit, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, peppers, and sweet and white potatoes.

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Folic acid (folate)

Helps to make dopamine, which is associated with pleasure Good sources: green leafy vegetables, peas, seeds, wholegrains, pulses, oranges.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin, as our main source is from sunlight. Some studies have shown that deficiency in vitamin D is related to depression Good sources: oily fish, eggs, shellfish, fortified cereals, margarine.


It stimulates the production of GABA and dopamine Good sources: wholegrains, nuts, seeds, pulses, green leafy vegetables.

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And dark chocolate!

Most of us find eating chocolate so pleasurable because it releases endorphins in the brain, giving us a sense of happiness. All in moderation, of course!

Here are recipes filled with all the above feel-good ingredients:


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Lentil “Risotto” With Asparagus Recipe

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