Get #5MinutesMore Me-Time

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Never have time for yourself? We asked you what you’d do if you had #5MinutesMore in the day….


What you said: 

  • “If I had #5MinutesMore, I’d make sure my nails were manicured every day. With so much to do, I never have the luxury of painted nails.” – Kimberly Smith-Howes
  • “#5MinutesMore would do wonders for me. I can use that time to meditate, which will keep me stress-free and focused the whole day.” – Mini Bhikha
  • “If I had an extra 5 minutes in my day, I’d definitely apply sunscreen before I run out the door.” – Nazneen Adam
  • “With #5MinutesMore I’d take more time with my skincare and focus on cleansing, toning and moisturising.” – Gail Diedrick
  • “I’d tickle my 2 year old, and give my 8 year old a long hug!” – Lindi Mogale

Tips to take #5MinutesMore in your day:

  • Take time to make time. Schedule time for yourself to do something that you enjoy and stick to your schedule. You deserve it!
  • Run a bath. Run a luxurious bath for yourself with all your favourite soaps, oils and foams. Don’t forget the candles
  • Read your favorite book. Remember that book Oprah recommended? You’re dying to read it but it is simply collecting dust on your night stand. Take the time to relax and get lost in a fictional world.
  • Cook a meal for yourself. We aren’t talking microwave dinners! Go to town on the ingredients and put effort into cooking and enjoying a delicious meal. Pair it with a great wine and who could ask for more? If you aren’t into cooking, then treat yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant.
  • Take a nap. If you’re feeling run down and exhausted, treat yourself to a 15 -20 minute nap. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day, or that big night on the town.

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