Follow A Menopause-Friendly Diet

“This time of hormonal change has the potential to cause weight gain, sluggish digestion, and reduced energy and glow,” says nutritional therapist Angelique Panagos. “But there’s plenty we can do to avoid this – with a menopause-friendly diet, you can start now.”

menopause-friendly diet to try

If you want to follow a menopause-friendly diet, ensure each of your snacks and meals includes…

Quality proteins – lean meats, fresh seafood, beans and other pulses.

Essential fatty acids – oily fish, avocados, whole olives, nuts, and seeds.

How To Recognise Menopause Symptoms

A rainbow of vegetables – the more colourful the better. These foods bolster tissue growth and repair, reduce sugar cravings, keep you feeling full, and support your skin health with a cocktail of anti-ageing nutrients.

bright vegetables should be added to your menopause-friendly diet

And reduce…

Processed foods – These are often full of added salts and sugars that zap our hormonal vitality, says Angelique.

Fresh fruit –  “While full of vitamins and fibre, an excess can still offset your blood-sugar balance, so stick to a maximum of two portions daily, and avoid processed fruit juices.”

Want to know how to keep off the extra kilos? Follow our top weight-management tips:

How To Manage Your Weight During Menopause

If you do one thing…  Angelique advises cutting right back on processed sugar and refined carbs. “Your sweet (or dessert, biscuit, cake, chocolate, soft drink) habit will send your hormones haywire, causing insulin spikes, which can feed weight gain and, thanks to glycation, make you look a whole lot older in the process!” she says.

menopause-friendly diet doesn't include fizzy drinks

Post menopause

Add more bone-boosting, calcium-rich foods to your diet – almonds, leafy green veg, fish, and sesame seeds.

Reduce your intake of tannins, which decrease calcium absorption, by switching some of your regular cups of tea and coffee with herbal options to further minimise your risk of osteoporosis.

Add a superfood extra

“Maca helps balance your hormones, particularly during menopause,” says herbalist Tipper Lewis. “It also helps to boost vitality and energy, contains calcium, and has aphrodisiac properties!” Use 1tbsp a day in smoothies or drinks. Try Superfoods Organic Maca Root Powder, R135 for 200g, Faithful to Nature.

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