Find The Feel Good Colour That Boosts Your Mood

Colour is big news again, with neutrals taking a back seat. Being bold with it will transform your home and can lift your mood – it’s all about picking the right shade or combinations for you.

Bring in the sunlight

Feel good colour: Yellow is the colour of sunshine – it’s upbeat and uplifting. But choosing the perfect yellow isn’t easy, as it’s tone intensifies when painted on walls – more so than other colours.

How to bring it in: Bright acid tones work really well in South African homes. Against a palette of soft gold, go for stronger tones as accents, such as ceramics, lighting or cushions or within small areas in a room, say one wall or an alcove. To test your colour, paint large pieces of lining paper in the colour and attach it to the walls. Check them throughout the day to see how the colour changes according to the light.

Make it work: Yellow’s fresh, sunny colour means it’s often used in kitchens, while paler, softer shades work really well in the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Blue is the colour

Feel good colour: Blue is really a versatile colour. From combinations of china-blue and ice white to delicate shades of egg-shell and seaspray, it works as the signature colour of many rooms. Mixed with greens, the look is fresh and contemporary.

How to bring it in: Semi-turquoise blues are very elegant against white detailing or upholstery. Contrast with jewel-like accents of warm lime and bright turquoise.

Make it work: Coloured cushions, lamps and rugs all add to the mood of the house. Don’t be shy about adding another colour, a vase of bright pink blooms will look stunning.

Top tip: Provide shots of additional colour for extra zing by adding tomato-red or acid green accents in the form of flowers, fabrics and even china.

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Purple power

Feel good colour: It’s thought that purple aids creativity, individualism and inventiveness.

How to bring it in: Select a colour a few shades lighter than the one you’re aiming for, as purples are deeper when applied. Lavender will reflect light well, even in winter.

Make it work: Consider Parma Violets, hydrangea heads and even Provencal lavender for inspiration. Bright fuchsia contrasts work well, adding drama and keeping the room bright, even on dreary days.

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