Cut Carbs And Reclaim Your Waist

Why cut carbs?

Reworking your diet is key to reclaiming your waist. Dr Christiane Northrup, doctor and regular on The Oprah Show, has battled with her own weight and loves to bust the myth of mid-life spread.

“It was always believed that after menopause, it was normal to gain up to 15kg. But it’s not inevitable – I’m lighter now than I was in my 30s,” says Dr Northrup.

Dr Northrup now keeps her shape and encourages others with a low-GI way of eating. “Your body will be able to burn fat and keep your insulin and blood sugar levels normal only when you don’t eat or drink excessive amounts of the wrong kinds of carbs,” she says.

“Otherwise, excess blood sugar will be stored as fat, which will accumulate not just on your middle and hips, but also in your arteries, heart and brain. If you keep blood sugar stable, you’ll experience less hunger, more energy, fewer flushes, more restful sleep and stable moods.”

Try it – you have nothing to lose but your mid-life middle!

Click here to try out the reclaim your waist eating plan

We’ve also got the perfect exercise plan for reclaiming your waist, which involves a simple 3-week plan.

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