Breast Cancer symptoms to look out for

It’s not only lumps you need to look out for when doing regular self-examinations of your breasts.

There are several other symptoms that you may be able to spot even before a lump forms.Here are some other breast cancer sympotoms to look out for.

As women, we run a 17% chance of getting breast cancer at some stage in our lives, so it’s crucial to know all the key symptoms, not just to be on the lookout for lumps.

Here are three other symptoms to check your breasts for:

Any change in how the breast or nipple feels.

This can be anything from nipple tenderness, a lump or unusual thickening in or near the breast or underarm area. Be on the lookout for any changes in the texture of the skin around your breast.

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Any changes in the way your breast or nipple looks.

It’s important to be in tune with your body. Take note of any unexplained changes in the size or shape of the breast or any, dimpling, swelling or shrinking, especially if it’s only on one side and have yourself checked by a professional as soon as possible. Other red flags may come in the form of the inversion of the nipple or any change in the skin such as a rash or swelling.

Any nipple discharge

Although nipple discharge is not necessarily linked to cancer, if you are not breastfeeding and begin experiencing the presence of a milky discharge, it’s best to get checked by your doctor just in case.

While these symptoms are most often not due to cancer, it is important to bring them to the attention of a health professional as soon as possible so the problem can be diagnosed and treated. It is also important to rule out breast cancer.

Even if you are not exhibiting any noticeable symptoms make sure to visit your doctor for a professional breast exam at least once a year.

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