Best Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Tips For Your 50s

From our 50s, hormones become less important. Instead, our main issue can be a body that just doesn’t perform as it once did.

And we don’t just mean in obvious ways like aches and pains – internally, the body can also slow down, triggering health issues like vitamin deficiencies or constipation.

Try these smart anti-ageing wellbeing tips to make you feel healthier and younger than ever!

For immunity

Eat some ‘super’ mushrooms. If you have low levels of vitamin D, the chance of picking up flu doubles – but, past 50, our ability to convert vitamin D from sunlight declines. Try Viridian Organic Vitamin D, R122 for 30 capsules, from; the vitamin content is extracted from organic mushrooms exposed to UV light while grown, making them rich in vitamin D. Its one of the best wellbeing anti-ageing tips we can give!

For energy

Mix a thera-smoothie. “Some people, as they get older, can experience digestive problems. A sluggish digestion can often leave us feeling tired and bloated,” says nutritionist Christine Bailey. Psyllium can help to regulate you, so pop a few capsules with this fibre for a digestive boost. Try Easihealth Colon Capsules, R299 for 120;

For skin

Get into AHAs. Most of us focus only on wrinkles, but experts say tackling overall skin texture is the key to a youthful look. “Texture changes often accelerate once oestrogen levels in the skin decline, as oestrogen is involved with cell turnover,” says Dr Anita Sturnham. Try products that contain mild AHAs, which gently exfoliate and smooth the skin, like Environ Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel, from R220 for 50ml. Visit for a stockist in your area.

The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare For Your 50s

For sleep

Use the power of placebo. Here’s some good news, according to research at the University of Pennsylvania – the older you are, the better you feel you sleep. Use this positive attitude if a bad night does hit via “placebo sleeping”. You simply tell your body you got enough sleep. In research at Colorado College, those who felt they had had a good night’s sleep (but hadn’t) performed as well as those who had!

Is Your Sleeping Position Ageing You?

W&h anti-ageing tip

The upper lip is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing, but a recent Belgian study proved that massaging the area does help plump up the skin. Place both thumbs under your upper lip, push your lip forward, while also pushing your thumbs against your gum. Hold for six seconds, repeat 10 times a day. In the trial, it took two months to show effects.

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