Best Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Tips For Your 40s

Called “the sandwich generation”, this decade can be a tricky time, as you try to fit your needs between those of a career, a growing family, and ageing parents. Stress can take its toll now too. And, the run-up to menopause can bring with it some of its own issues.

Spoil yourself and get more energy, sleep better and feel revived with these anti-ageing wellbeing tips for your 40s…

For immunity

One of the most important anti-ageing wellbeing tips for this time of your life is to revive your sex life. Sex is an immunity stimulant – a study at Wilkes University found that frequent sex can switch on immunity genes – but with juggling all the above, it can go off the menu. The new Toy of the Month subscription service aims to bring it back, by delivering erotic items to your home, as part of a surprise parcel. For couples, items may include a game, dress-up outfit and feather tickler, for example. From R300/month for one-year subscription;

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For energy

Swap your Q10. You may already know the antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 is good for cellular growth –what you might not know is that the type you need changes as you age. “Most Q10 supplements contain ubiquinone, which our body then converts to a form called ubiquinol,” explains pharmacist Shabir Daya. “But, past 40, the levels of enzymes we need to do this decline rapidly, so it’s better to try one of the products that contain ubiquinol itself.” Try Ubiquinol Co-Q10, R455 for 60 capsules;

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For skin

Take astaxanthin. This antioxidant is not only making news for its health-boosting effects (better brain ageing, heart health and improved energy), it also boosts skin. “It’s been shown to normalise sebum production, which can be erratic now, and acts almost as scaffolding to the skin, fighting ageing,” says nutritionist Miguel Toribio-Mateas. In younger skin, collagen and elastin fibres support the skin’s layers like scaffolding poles, but as we get older this effect declines. “Astaxanthin can get in-between the skin’s layers and plump them back up,” says Miguel. Try Solgar’s Astaxanthin 5mg, R207 for 30 softgel capsules;

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For sleep

Try drinking vinegar. Research from the University of Pennsylvania has shown our 40s are the time we’re most prone to suffer sleep disturbance – one potential reason is alcohol. Forty- somethings are extremely likely to wind down via wine. We know it might sound boring, but drinking water is such a health booster in all respects. Another goodie? Coconut water – it’s low in carbs and electrolyte-rich, perfect to help you feel calmer before bed.

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