Best Anti-Ageing Wellbeing Tips For Your 30s

By the age of 30, many women have children, meaning a lot of us spend the decade juggling a young family with a career.

“And hormonal imbalances often show up in our 30s, which can affect skin particularly,” says skincare expert Dr Terry Loong.

The truth is, whatever your age, women have many of the same wellbeing wants – more energy and sleep, fewer coughs and colds – oh, and it might be nice if our skin behaved, too.

Try these smart anti-ageing wellbeing tips for your 30s:

For immunity

One of the best wellbeing tips we can give you to stay healthy is to practise Saucha. Kids pick up twice as many colds as adults do, exposing you to them, too. Combine that with immune-sapping stress and it’s a recipe for sniffles.

Saucha is a yogic idea that fights both problems, says Carol Krucoff, author of Yoga Sparks: 108 Easy Practices for Stress Relief in a Minute or Less (Little, Brown).

To do it, simply soap your hands and rub them for 20 seconds and, while doing that, repeat a calming mantra or focus on your breathing. Try it six times a day and you’ll create a few moments of stillness – and fight those dreaded bugs – all in one.

For energy

Sprinkle spirulina. Iron is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies for women in their 30s – and low iron causes low energy and tiredness.

A great way to naturally increase iron levels is by taking Superfoods’ Organic Spirulina, which comes in powder or tablet form and provides up to 40 times more iron than spinach.

Try Organic Spirulina Chlorophyll Protein Tablets, R178 for 100g, or Organic Spirulina Chlorophyll Protein Powder, R316 for 200g; both available at

4 Natural Ways To Boost Energy Levels

For skin

Try cycling. No, we’re not talking about getting on your bike. Instead, it’s Dr Loong’s recommendation to tackle the havoc hormonal imbalances can create by tailoring your needs to your menstrual cycle. “The skin does alter week by week,” she explains.

The Best Anti-Ageing Skincare For Your 30s

Try this cycling skincare regime:

  • Week 1: Dry phase – use hydrating products.
  • Week 2: Skin improving – focus on renewing/exfoliation.
  • Week 3: Building – collagen production is strongest now; use skin-boosting products like Theravine Balancing Pinotage Face Oil, R378 for 30ml. Available from
  • Week 4: Oily/breakout phase – don’t over-cleanse or moisturise.

Video of the Week

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