8 Fit Celebs Over 40

Some women manage to look so incredible that sometimes we’re not sure if they’re truly the age they say they are. These 8 fit celebs over 40 inspire us all to work hard to get the body we want. Follow them all on Instagram for daily fitspiration.

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1. Leanne Manas

Fit celebs over 40: Leanne ManasThe 42-year-old SABC 2 Morning Live host lost 17kgs thanks to a diet plan from pharmacist Paula Galvão, founder of Eden Life Wellness Clinic.

It consists of a low-carb eating plan and herbal supplements. Leanne loves the diet because she didn’t have to cut sugar completely and is allowed one carb a day. Paula’s golden rule is: have your first meal of the day at 10am and make sure it includes grapefruit.

The presenter follows an intense exercise plan that includes cycling more 20km twice a week, boxercise and climbing the 207 Westcliff Stairs in Joburg 10 times!


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2. Tina Knowles-Lawson

No one would think Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson is in her early 60s with such an amazing body. With help from health and fitness experts Patrick Goudeau and Jeanette Jenkins, Tina has been inspiring women of all ages with her daily fitness videos.

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3. Davina McCall

Fit celebs over 40: Davina McCall on women&home coverReality TV show presenter and our February cover star, Davina McCall, has the ultimate bikini body at 48. A self-confessed refined sugar addict, Davina quit the sweet stuff for three years but then had a relapse in 2014.

In 2015 she got back on track and started a “5 Weeks to Sugar-Free” TV programme and cookbook and then “Davina’s 5 weeks to smart carbs” cookbook (both R382 at Exclusive Books) was released, along with several other books. She’s also got a full health, fitness and weight-loss programme on her subscription website  www.getfitwithdavina.com.

Her exercise regime consists of three 50-minute workouts a week with a personal trainer and a bike ride with her husband on Sunday.

“I want to show people that, at 48 and at my stage in life, I can still be fit and look, I think, OK in Lycra and not care about the slightly saggy skin on my belly as I’ve had three bonnie babies” she told The Daily Star.

You can follow her inspirational story and get great recipes on her website.

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4. Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States is in her early 50s but her toned arms and great physique make her look years younger. She is extremely active and her fitness tools of choice are a skipping rope, weights and a punching bag.

During her time in the White House, she also campaigned for fellow Americans to get up and move more through her #GimmeFive campaign.


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5. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore shows that staying in shape can be fun, even in your 40s. Her workout routine consists not only of dancing but swimming, yoga, pilates and running. A varied routine that keeps things interesting.

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6. Angela Bassett

At 56, Angela Bassett looks flawless in any gown on the red carpet.  The actress credits her beautiful silhouette to a low-carb food plan similar to the Paleo diet and regular exercise.

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7. Basetsana Kumalo

Successful business woman Basetsana Kumalo, in her early 40s, is all about living the healthy life. “I have always been an advocate for losing weight naturally and prefer making healthy lifestyle choices,” she told Sunday World.

After the birth of her daughter when Basetsana was 40, she struggled to lose the baby weight and got to 93kgs. She turned to Dream Body Fitness and has since lost over 25kgs.

Working with a personal trainer, her exercise regime consists of running 10kms in the morning and doing 45 minutes of boxing in the evening.

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8. Kate Beckinsale

At 43, Kate Beckinsale is extremely flexible and toned, all thanks to her love for yoga. The Underworld actress credits her rock hard abs to a combination of yoga and intense cardio workouts.

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