5 Best Herbs To Boost Immunity

Need a bank loan to keep up that cocktail of supplements? Why not try herbal tinctures instead?

Herbs are powerful stuff, with the ability to build immunity and sort health problems, a few low-cost herbal tinctures can, with some smart blending, translate into effective home remedies.

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Herbalist Dee Atkinson chooses her top 6 and reveals how to blend:

Dandelion herb – A mild diuretic so use it if you’re premenstrual, have fluid retention or bloating. Blend dandelion with Echinacea for an upset tum.

Liquorice – A tonic to build energy levels and boost immunity. Take when you’re running on empty for a real boost! Good for chest problems too.

Echinacea – Helps to prevent colds and flu so take when your immunity is low and blend with liquorice for cold with an infection.

Chamomile – Soothes upset tums. Great for sleeplessness caused by stress.

Passion flower– Relaxing, soothing and calms agitation all day. Try passion flower tea to sort sleeplessness.

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How to use tinctures

  1. Take drops in water or juice, according to instructions. If you blend, the rule of thumb is mix 20 drops of each and take in water.
  2. Choose quality tinctures from health shops and therapists. We like Phyto Force tinctures, which can be used to treat and prevent illness naturally. From R40, from health shops.

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