5 Steps To Detox For A Day

Whether you want a flatter stomach, to refresh your mind or rejuvenate your body, a one-day detox will give you just that bit of a boost to help kick off some positive new habits.

“The simple concept of a detox is to cleanse and purify the body by ridding it of accumulated toxins to help support the immune function, re-energise the body and promote clearer, brighter skin,” says nutritional therapist Cheda.

A one-day detox can make a real difference to your body as toxins will start to break down and you’ll release water retention. The trick is not to do it suddenly…

Follow these five steps to success:

1 A week before you detox, start cutting down on wheat, meat and dairy, sugar, salt, alcohol, sweets, coffee and tea. Try spending a day without your usual stressers and energy zappers – avoid your cellphone, TV, car, computer and radio. Instead, spend time doing nothing – clearing your mind or simply meditating.

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2. The night before you detox, eat light and drink a relaxing herbal tea, such as chamomile or green tea. Have a warm bath with a detoxifying bath oil or salts such as Epsom salts. Wake naturally on the morning of your detox.

3. First thing, skip the morning coffee and kick-start your day with hot water and lemon wedges to rev up your system and cleanse the palette. Next use a scrub and body brush to stimulate detoxification, but make sure you’re not overdoing it, as over-zealous body brushing can cause thread veins and minor skin irritations. Then shower with a few drops of essential oils in your shower and finish with a blast of cold, bearable water. Slip into cosy clothes.

4. Make this a liquid-only day. Have a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and veg soup for lunch and dinner. Drink water and herbal teas, and make sure you eat dinner by the latest 8pm to give your system a rest before bed.

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5. Detox your mind too. Avoid the TV – start a new novel, do some yoga or indulge in a mini manicure. Aim to be in bed by no later than 10pm. Pay lots of attention to your skin and make bedtime a sensory experience. You’ll start to visit it more often and at an earlier time, which benefits body and soul.

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