12 Foods That Help Keep You Slim

Fill your fridge with these 12 foods that help keep you slim.

foods that help keep you slim

The foods that help you lose weight are the ones that satisfy your taste buds, but don’t add the kilos. This list of foods has been proven to keep you fuller for longer, plus they are full of nutrients and vitamins.

Is cheese healthy?

Research has shown that cheese could actually help you lose those extra kilos. A Danish study discovered a gut response called ‘cheese metabolism’.

They asked groups of men to eat either butter, cheese or milk, and no other dairy, for two weeks and found that those who ate cheese or milk had anti-inflammatory bacteria, known as butyrate, in their gut.

This bacteria has been found to increase energy production and burn fat.

But, this doesn’t mean you can raid the cheese board! Having a little nibble of brie, cheddar or blue cheese is best.

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Probiotic yoghurt

Probiotic yoghurt helps your body to absorb more nutrients and ‘friendly bacteria’ can reduce inflammation in the gut, which all too often contributes to weight gain and water retention. If you are feeling like something sweet, add some berries or drizzle some honey over yours.


Almonds are rich in skin-boosting vitamin E and protein, but they also have a high fibre content, which will keep you from feeling hungry. A handful of almonds are ideal for that 4pm slump.


If you don’t like the kick, maybe the fact that chillis can speed up your metabolism, and are great for healthy skin, hair and nails might change that.

A single chilli pepper contains twice your recommend daily allowance of vitamin C and a full day’s supply of beta carotene (a popular beauty ingredient which speeds up cell renewal).

Can lemon help lose weight?

By starting your day with hot water and lemon, you will be nourishing your body with the immune-boosting vitamin C and pectin fibre that stops you feeling hungry.

These natural solutions will help you look younger:

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Most shop-bought reduced-fat versions contain very few bad additives so they’re a much better option than other so-called ‘healthy’ foods. Cut up some fresh carrots and cucumber and dip in the hummus.


By eating protein you’re less likely to feel hungry and it fills you up. Try two boiled eggs for breakfast, scrambled egg on rye bread for lunch or serving up an omelette for dinner.


Cut fresh carrot in to crudités and store in an airtight container for an instant snack when you can’t wait until your next meal.


By adding spinach to your lunch, you can avoid that mid-afternoon slump as it is full of iron and fibre.

Try out this spinach and paneer curry recipe:

Spinach And Paneer Curry

Oily fish

Mackerel or salmon not only makes for a tasty, wholesome, low-kilojoule salad option but there’s evidence that the omega fats will keep you slim. Aim for two portions a week.


Scientists believe grapefruit keeps your blood sugar stable, so why not try eating half a grapefruit twice a week.

Minced lean beef

Lean protein can aid weight loss by building muscle rather than fat, plus it’s versatile.

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