10 things only a vegetarian will know

People always question your diet

So we have a rehearsed speech that covers all the basics – how long we’ve been vegetarian, why we don’t miss meat, why we made the change…


We have to phone a new restaurant before visiting to check there is a vegetarian option

Although the majority of restaurants cater for us, there will always be that fear of not finding anything on the menu to eat. We’ve all experienced having to combine a cheese starter with a side of chips to make our meal.

Always being served first

Whether it is a big family gathering or on a flight, you know that you’re always going to be getting the VIP treatment.

No mad cow disease for us

One great thing about being a vegetarian is that you’ll never suffer from meat or fish-related nasties!

When we do cook meat, it can be scary

A raw vegetable here or there isn’t going to kill us, but raw meat is another story. Erring on the side of caution, we tend to cremate everything.

We’re often known as ‘that’ dinner guest

Unless your host is a veggie themselves, at some point in the evening they’ll probably remark on how much extra effort they’ve gone to for the ‘fussy eater’.

Lack of inspiration from cooking shows

Most cooking shows on TV are aimed at a meat-eating audience. Obviously you can swap in and out ingredients to make them veggie, but for the culinary-challenged this is a big ask.

The instant bond we have

Other vegetarians aren’t strangers; they’re just friends we haven’t met yet. For some reason, when we discover a new acquaintance also eats meat-free, we instantly bond and start discussing recipes.

New season excitement

Every new season means a new vegetable.

It’s cheap to be a vegetarian

As a veggie you’re a cheap date. The vegetarian option is usually the least expensive thing on the menu, and so is our weekly shop!

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