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Win R15 000 From 1st For Women So That You’re Ready & Prepared To Go!

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Knowing what to do and being prepared can take the stress out of unexpected events.

Read Mini Zwane’s story and find out what she learnt about the importance of being prepared when her geyser burst.

When Mini’s geyser burst, she knew it would be a dramatic event but, but she was still shell-shocked.

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“Sundays are precious and should be savoured slowly with a good book. My geyser, on the other hand, had other plans for me when it decided to burst. I had always imagined it to be a dramatic affair with bits of house flying in all directions.

“It was distinctly underwhelming, and the steady gushing of hot water streaming through my wardrobe, drenching the bedroom carpet, left my mind blank.

“It was my shoes that galvanised me into action. I couldn’t lose my shoes! The water was scalding, so I used a broom to sweep them out of the way. After moving everything to the lounge, I picked up my phone and called my mom.

“My dad answered and walked me through what I needed to do. I had to shut down the water in the entire section of the building I lived in. This required a lot of knocking on doors and letting my neighbours know what was happening.

“When the water was finally off, the bedroom was a glorified swamp-cum-paddling pool. I spent the night scooping water into buckets and throwing it down the drain.

“Eventually, a brand new geyser was installed. The rest of the bedroom was in a shambles and the lounge became my bedroom for a while, but at least I was able to have a hot, steamy, shower. Bliss!”

Mini’s tips:


Know who to call. Whether it’s a plumber or your building manager, ensure you have their number at hand.


Have your geyser checked regularly to avoid it suddenly bursting in the future.


As soon as the geyser bursts, switch of the water supply immediately to avoid further damage and then switch off the power supply to the geyser so the water doesn’t continue to heat up. It’s important to know where these switches are.

Being prepared gives you peace of mind

At 1st for Women, we’ve got you covered so you can feel confident in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re always ready, #JustInCase.
That’s why when you take out a home-insurance policy specifically designed for women, there is a Guardian Angel to call 24/7.

They will cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers and locksmiths.

1st for Women is giving away R15 000 cash to one lucky winner, so you’ll be ready and prepared to go! Watch Mini’s video and answer the easy question in the form below.

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