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Win One Of 4 Hill’s No Grain Hampers For Your Dog Or Cat

Seems like humans aren’t the only ones interested in gluten-free food, our pets are catching on, too! With grain-free products and diets flooding the human market, pet owners are discovering that some of the four-legged members of their families can enjoy it, too.

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According to veterinary nutritionists, grain isn’t a problem for most dogs. Good-quality grains provide valuable carbohydrates, fibre and essential proteins, and when they are properly prepared and cooked, are very digestible. If your dog is happy and in good health, then you probably don’t need to make any dietary changes.

However, some dogs – less than 10% in experts’ estimate – can show sensitivities to some foods, with beef, dairy and grain being some of the most common triggers.

A grain allergy typically causes symptoms such as flatulence, itchy skin, hair loss, red, inflamed skin, chronic ear problems and obsessive licking or chewing of feet. If you suspect your pet may be showing an allergy to grain, or any other food, chat to your vet, as it’s always best to check first before making big changes to your pet’s diet.

If you do decide to switch to a grain-free food, do so gradually, to allow your dog’s digestive system to adjust. Slowly introduce the new food by mixing it in a little at a time, increasing the amount over the course of a few days. During the switchover process, make sure your dog isn’t constipated or suffering from diarrhoea.

Pet parents who are interested in trying out grain-free foods for their furry friends, can consider Hill’s latest range, Hill’s Science Plan No Grain ( Feline, R269 for 2kg and Canine R219 for 2kg, from vets countrywide).

The range is made up of top natural ingredients – with no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives – to give adult dogs and cats precisely balanced nutrition without the grain.

It’s suitable for adult cats and dogs, whether or not they have a sensitivity to grains. Please note: If you have a puppy or senior pet (aged 7+), ask your vet what would be best, as feeding an age-appropriate diet is important.

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We have 4 x Hill’s No Grain hampers (2 cat and 2 dog) to giveaway. Each includes a bag of delicious Hill’s Science Plan No Grain and a practical Hill’s food storage bin.

For your dog, we have two hampers, valued at R544 each, containing a bag of Hill’s Science Plan Canine No Grain 2kg and a 15kg Goodie Foodie Bin.

For your cat, we’re giving away two hampers containing a Hill’s 5kg Goodie Foodie Bin and a bag of Hill’s Science Plan Feline No Grain 2kg. Each hamper is valued at R519.

To enter, simply fill in the form below. The competition closes on 30 September.

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