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Win A Minima Tendu Light Fitting, Valued At R2 700!

A beautiful light fitting can be a room’s focal point helping to create interest and tying its décor together. Minima has designed a range of Scandi-inspired timber fittings that can be be clustered together or displayed individually as a striking, yet simple, statement in your home or office.

100 % of original

These minimalistic pieces are made up of individually cut birch plywood spines that clip together to make the finished products. Each of their unique shapes has been inspired by natural forms and is intended to create an ambiance of calm in our often cluttered spaces.

The Tendu, named after the ballet position, means ‘stretched’ and is the gradual extension of the leg outwards until only the toes touch the floor. This fitting’s bulb holder is positioned right at the top to partially obscure the light source, and instead emphasise the glow stretching down and reflecting on the surfaces of the wood.

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