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Win A Canon EOS 750D Camera And 18-55mm Lens, Valued At R11 000!

Take your photography to another level with Canon. For nearly 80 years, Canon has been helping professional and amateur photographers alike capture the beauty of the world around them with high-quality, reliable equipment.


Whether you want to take fantastic photos or vivid videos, the Canon EOS 750D is the camera for you. Its adjustable vari-angle touchscreen makes it easy for you to find the perfect angle for your shot. Once you’re in position, make the most of the 18-55mm lens, with incredible light-sensitivity, to take detailed photographs – regardless of the lighting.


The EOS 750D is also capable of shooting Full HD video, and its autofocus technology makes it possible to zoom in and out without blurring the video. Then, once you’ve taken your spectacular images and videos, use the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi to upload them to your social-media pages!

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We have a Canon EOS 750D camera and an 18-55mm lens, worth R11 000, to give away.

(T’s and C’s Apply)

Competition closes 7 November 2016. To enter, fill in the form below:

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