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Win A 6,5kg Spindel Dryer, Worth R2 600!

The Spindel Specialist Laundry Dryer is a revolutionary product, which makes drying laundry quicker; and it’s eco-friendly too!

This fabulous product spins clothes at 2 800rpm – double the speed of a conventional washing machine – removing 80% of moisture from your clothes in just three minutes. This will cut down air-drying times, and certain thinner fabrics can be ironed straight away.  However, its amazing power does not sacrifice safety for speed; the Spindel doesn’t tumble, pull, or knot pieces so you can spin dry any fabric without damaging them – even delicate wools and silks.



The Spindel isn’t just a super-convenient way to dry your clothes. It uses 100 times less power than conventional tumble dryers – that’s the same amount of electricity used by running a single 60W light bulb for just 15 minutes! So you’ll be cutting down you’re energy bill as well as the time it takes to do the laundry.

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So come on, enter today and you could make doing laundry easier, while helping the environment too!

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Competition closes 30 September 2016. To enter, fill in the form below:

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