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Win R15 000 From 1st for Women. Always Be Ready #JustInCase

We’re giving you the opportunity to win R15 000 in cash by being prepared with 1st For Women.

Women’s innate ability to be prepared for whatever may happen is not conjecture – it’s a scientific fact.

Women’s brains are structurally designed for inter-connectivity, making them effective at multi-skilling, as well as considering multiple eventualities.


Here’s Fatima Abdul Rehman’s story of the lessons she learnt when she found herself in a potentially dangerous situation.

On a rainy autumn evening, Fatima was driving alone and her tyre burst on a busy highway. Understandably, it wasn’t long before she began to panic.

“The rain was pouring heavily and I had my windscreen wipers racing at high speed,” Fatima recalls.

“I was concentrating on the road when, suddenly, a thudding noise interrupted my thoughts, and I felt my car start to wobble and veer to the left. I slowed down, stopped on the side of the road and switched my hazards on.

“At first, I was irritated as my tyres were newly fitted, but then the realisation hit that I was alone in an unsafe situation. I locked my car, tried to stay calm and called my husband, but there was no answer. Panic set in, so I tried phoning my brother-in-law, also without luck.

“I was at a loss – I didn’t know who to call next or what to do. After five agonising minutes, my husband phoned me back and I felt the relief rush back in. I had to wait 15 minutes for him to arrive, alone in my car with all possible scenarios running through my head. Although I knew what to do when the tyre burst, I was ill-prepared for what followed – I never want to be in a situation like that again.”

Fatima’s tips for being prepared:


The most important thing is to have at least five emergency numbers on your phone in case four of them don’t answer. It’s also handy to have emergency-services numbers on hand.


As I felt my tyre burst, I knew not to slam on brakes immediately, and I kept my hands firmly on the steering wheel so I wouldn’t lose control of the car.


I didn’t attempt to change the tyre myself, as I knew it might not be safe. Instead, I locked my doors and waited, trying to stay calm.

Being prepared keeps you secure

At 1st for Women, we’ve got you covered so you can feel confident in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re always ready, #JustInCase.

That’s why, when you take out a car- or home-insurance policy specifically designed for women, there is a Guardian Angel to call 24/7 if you need petrol, help changing a tyre, or just some safe company while you wait.

1st for Women is giving away R15 000 cash to one lucky winner, so you’ll be ready and prepared to go! Watch Fatima’s video and answer the easy question in the form below to stand a chance of winning.

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