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Be Prepared With 1st For Women & You Could Win R15 000 In Cash!

The multi-dimensional requirements of modern society mean that the pressure is real for women, who it is estimated drive 70-80% of household purchasing decisions, while juggling family, friends, jobs and careers; which is why women like to be prepared for those ‘just in case’ scenarios to deliver on the demands of their busy world.

Women’s innate ability to be prepared for whatever may happen is not conjecture – it’s a scientific fact. Women’s brains are structurally designed for inter-connectivity, making them effective at multi-skilling, as well as considering multiple eventualities.

Here’s one woman’s story of how she was fiercely prepared the second time around, saving her a lot of stress and anguish.

A few years ago, w&h Editorial Director Frith Thomas renovated her kitchen – after barely giving any thought to planning beforehand.

“I expected it to be a quick four-week build, but it turned into a stressful, dusty eight weeks,” Frith explains.

be prepared

“As women, we’re used to coping with life’s surprises on the fly, but something like building can increase your stress enormously, until any little mishap feels like a huge disaster.

“So when we decided to remodel another part of the house two years later, I got my ducks in a row before we started!

“Once I’d sourced a reliable self-storage company, I had plenty of time to pack up all the furniture, and the contents of cupboards in the affected rooms carefully, knowing they’d be safe and not cluttering up our limited space during the build.

“I created mini-versions of the areas affected, like the lounge, in other parts of the house – and I made sure my my bathroom and bedroom were untouched by the renovations, to give me a haven of clean and calm to retire to every night.”

“But we’re also better prepared from a peace of mind perspective. The Guardian Angels benefit covers more than home, car or medical emergencies; they also offer finance assist among other benefits, so your 1st for Women policy helps you make sure you can afford a build before you start, which is a great way to at least begin the process stress-free!”

Frith’s plan-ahead tips:


When a build turns your life upside down, comfort food helps! I cooked meals in advance, then froze them so that we always had a quick, tasty meal at the end of the day.


I got the builders to board up entrances to the areas not affected by the build, to keep the dust at a minimum in the rooms we were still using.


We made arrangements with friends to look after our pets, so they weren’t under the builders’ feet or freaked out by the building noise.

Being prepared keeps you secure

At 1st for Women, we’ve got you covered so you can feel confident in the knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re always ready #JustInCase. That’s why when you take out a car or home-insurance policy specifically designed for women, there is a Guardian Angel to call 24/7 if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, plumber, glazier, electrician, builder and more.

You could win R15 000 in cash so you can always be prepared. All you have to do is watch Frith’s video and then answer the question in the competition form below.

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