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3 easy ways to give back

In our January 2013 issue, Leigh O’Connor chats about smart ways to help out a charity how and when you want. Here are some more ways to give a little cash to help alleviate unemployment...


POPUP – The People Upliftment Programme is a non-profit Pretoria-based organisation that provides skills development and training to unemployed individuals in Tshwane. They offer 10 SETA-Accredited Skills Programmes, including computer and office administration, home-based care, hospitality and sewing, and have trained 3 827 learners, helping to place 77% of them in employment since 2006. Visit popup.co.za to make a donation or to download their 'Needlist', where you can donate items they need to use for the various courses.




Project Literacy, established in 1973, has branches around South Africa. Their aim is to address the needs of illiterate and semi-literate adults in South Africa through a wide range of education and training programmes. Donate to help educate an adult, giving them a better chance at employment. See projectliteracy.org.za





FUNDI, which was derived from the 2003 Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) initiative, strives to bridge the gap between South Africa’s growing economy and unemployed people with skills. By training people as skilled labourers, who are both reliable and trustworthy, the organisation empowers South Africans to change lives through job creation. FUNDI, which means a person who has learned a specific craft or trade, gives members the dignity they have earned through hard work and expertise. Visit fundinetwork.org.za to hire a fundi, volunteer or donate to the cause.


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