VIDEO: How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Four common mascara mistakes you’re making, plus 4 more uses that you didn’t know about…

Here are 4 ways to use mascara in your beauty routine:


4 common mistakes you’re probably making:

Wand pumping – Constantly moving the wand in and out of its tube allows air to get inside, drying it out, and trapping unwanted bacteria.

Top tip: Pull it out slowly, and try twisting the wand instead.

Past its use by date – Keeping a tube longer than 6 months is a total no-go! It’ll be dry, clumpy and have a build-up of bacteria.

Top tip: Before chucking out a good mascara because it’s dry, liven it up with a few drops of saline solution.

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Curling lashes after mascara   Your lashes will get stuck to the curlers, and ruin your fresh coat.

Top tip: Curl your lashes for 10 seconds before applying mascara.

Hello, panda eyes – Some brands are easy to remove with water or make-up remover, while others might hang on and irritate your eyes.

Top tip: Before sweeping your cotton pad of your lashes, soak it in your solution and hold it against your mascara for a few seconds to dissolve some of it.

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Back and forth – Swinging the brush back and forward cause’s clumps and smudges.

Top tip: Use a side-to-side and zig zag motion. This will pull up from the roots all the way to the ends of your lashes.

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By beauty editor, Tracey Kroukamp
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