The Best Nail Colours For Winter

Want to know what are the best nail colours for winter? This season, nail trends are looking to the runways.

Haute Couture is one of those phrases that make each woman in the room’s ears pique with interest.

As a core part of the fashion industry and usually a big inspiration behind ready-to-wear fashion, couture sets the stage of the fashion industry inspiring most trends forward.

The only trend it has really failed to influence is nails. Until now…

Haute couture is translated into real wearable nail art for everyone. It dazzles, surprises and amazes, encouraging creativity and always leaving you looking forward to a new season coming your way.

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When it comes to nails, we are always on the lookout for something fresh and the winter trends from E.M.I really offers that.

The designs are sumptuous and lavish yet classy and chic without the flair for outrageous.

Here are our favourite nail colours for winter brought to you by the new E.M.I haute couture nail collection:

nail colours for winter E.M.I trends

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Winter Nail Trends brought to you by Placecol Fresh Beauty, Dream Nails Beauty & Perfect 10 Nail and Body

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