Bathroom Decorating Ideas: How To Create A Spa-Like Oasis

We adore our cosmetics, body lotions and potions… that’s why it’s easy to end up with too much clutter and not enough space for all those bathroom decorating ideas you’ve been meaning to try.

bathroom decorating ideas

A bathroom oasis always starts with a good declutter session:

  • Take everything out of your bathroom and clean it scrupulously (if you have a cleaner, ask them to do a deep clean when they’re there).
  • Put back only what you use regularly. If you have three beautiful bottles of bath foam, but you’re really a shower person, one bottle is enough!
  • The four questions to ask yourself: Do I like it? Does it work? Do I need it? Do I use it? If you never actually apply that eye serum, ditch it!
  • You will need a supply of cleaning items, but keep them to the minimum and store in a cupboard; nothing in here should look utilitarian.
  • If you’re the type of person who buys extra for when the shower gel runs out, store it elsewhere.
  • Fold towels so they’re all neatly matching – you want visual perfection! Discard any that are discoloured.
  • Add in a few accessories – a plant, a beautiful little box; all must be utterly pleasing to look at.

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