Bra Problems Solved: The Top 10 Bra Secrets Revealed

Let’s face it; when it comes to choosing a bra, we immediately think of a model or celeb – perhaps Beyonce Knowles or Jessica Simpson, oozing sex appeal and fitting perfectly into their undies without any bra problems.

bra problems

And yet, there are times when you find yourself standing in front of the mirror, recognising there is a problem in the bra fitting department.

“The fact is that most women are not correctly advised about their bra size and end up wearing the incorrect size which is either too tight or just doesn’t feel comfortable.

“Bras which are too small can result in spilling out of the cup resulting in what we call the four breast effect,” says Mo Thoka, professional bra fitter at Pandora Bra Studio, leading experts in providing the perfectly fitted bra which contours and enhances your shape.

Here are Mo’s top 10 secrets for solving bra problems:

1. The lowdown on bra sizes

Eighty percent of women do not wear the correct bra size.

“In fact, in our experience, we would say the percentage is greater than this number,” says Mo, who describes the perfect fit as being a combination of the correct cup and back size as well as the most suitable style or styles, and most importantly the comfort one feels when wearing the bra.

As an example, a woman who is actually a size 30 with an H-cup will instead most likely be wearing a 34 -something size bra, just to get a better cup size, when all that is really needed is a smaller back size combined with a larger cup size.

2. Your perfect fit

The back needs to fit securely, yet comfortably in a horizontal position as a foundation to keeping the bra in place while the straps function to assist in lifting and positioning your bust.

Straps must be tightened to a level of comfort. If a bra is riding up your back, it means it’s too big so you have to go down a back size.

3. Invest in yourself

Think of your underwear as an investment in yourself, both in terms of your comfort and in looking and feeling good.

A perfectly fitted bra is like a shaping garment, giving a contoured outline, which enhances your shape and look. It is also an excellent way of immediately giving the appearance of shedding a few kilos without losing the shape of your curves.

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4. An uplifting experience

Wearing a bra must be a comfortable, uplifting (pun intended) experience. At no point must you feel like your rib cage is being sucked in.

The best way to test if the band across your back is correctly fitted is to lift your hands up above your head. If it fits correctly, then the band will stay in place at the ribcage. If your bra goes up with your arms it either means:

  • You didn’t lift your girls properly into their cups; or
  • Your bra is too big, especially if you have adjusted yourself properly in the cup

5. Goodbye to sneaking shoulder straps

A slipping strap can have various meanings; it could be that your cup is too big, your shoulders may be slouching forward, you haven’t tightened your strap properly, or your bra is riding up your back because the size you bought is too big for you. Sometimes a wrong style can also cause the strap to sneak down your arm.

Remember when you are buying a bra it should fit comfortably on the first or second hook. Just like any garment, your bra will stretch slightly over time, so if you are already on the 3rd hook at the buying stage, your bra is going to be too loose over time, with your straps falling down your arm.

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6. Treating your girls right

No matter what your breast size, your girls need to be placed properly into their cups so that the nipple is in the middle of the cup. If you are bulging at the top or around the sides, you need to go up a cup size. A properly fitted bra will always contain the breast without bulging or puckering of the cup.

7. The battle of the bulge

If you are wondering if it’s possible to get rid of the untidy bulges which can be seen through a tight top, the answer is a definite yes. When you wear a cup that fits right, your body will have a smooth appearance and there won’t be those bumps and lumps which occur when the cup is too small.

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8. Stop tramlines in their tracks

This is a sign that the bra band at the back is not doing enough work, forcing the bra straps to compensate which results in the red tramlines on your shoulders. The best solution is to move to a smaller size bra where the band at the back fits snugly against your skin.

9. The seamless look

To get a seamless, smooth look in your clothing you need a bra without lace or patterns. This doesn’t have anything to do with your bra size, just the style and the personal choice of whether or not your like lace showing through your clothes.

10. Putting your breasts in their place

Just like most people have one foot which is slightly bigger than the other, the same applies to your breasts. In this case, always fit for the bigger size breast. If there is a very slight crinkle on the one cup then it is fine.

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