Everyday Bags To Buy This Season

Looking for a new accessory to perfectly match your wardrobe? Then, you need to invest in colourful everyday bags!

Blue and yellow are very popular this year in the handbag department.

Our fashion team put together an edit of handbags to buy in 2017’s trendy colours.

Check out the round-up of the latest everyday bags:

colourful everyday bags to buy


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Storage tips to keep your handbags looking beautiful for years:

  • Keep your handbags in the dust bags they originally come in when they’re not used. This protects the leather from being scuffed and also protects it from light that may cause discolouring over time. This also protects the bags from rubbing colour off on each other, which is often the case especially with patent leather.
  • Keep bags stuffed in order to keep its shape. Bags can easily cave in and change shape when empty. Use plain, soft, undyed paper such as tissue paper if you no longer have the original stuffing.
  • Keep bags on a dedicated bag shelve. This is common practice for the storage of shoes, and should be common practice for bags too. This ensures that bags are not squashed on top of each other – getting scuffed or losing shape. When hanging bags on a hook, gradual wear and tear is caused on the handles, and may even stretch the handles over time.

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