Top Healthy Breakfast Tips


Woman&Home reader, Tessy Bonavera, 30, is an estate agent who really struggles with healthy breakfast ideas.  As part of our #5MinutesMore campaign with Clinique, we asked you to share your top tips for making breakfast healthier as well as your favourite healthy breakfast ideas, and here are our favourites:

Your top tips for having a healthy breakfast in the morning are:

Prepare breakfast the night before so you don’t skip it. Soak raw oats in apple juice or almond milk, and add a handful of almonds, chia seeds and fresh berries.  It’s quick to make and super healthy.  Just grab it out of your fridge when you want it! Charne Banger

Keep your blood sugar levels stable. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on your breakfast cereal. It helps to  cut the cravings for sugar during the day. It’s also important to hydrate properly first thing. Try green tea in the mornings, rather than caffeinated tea or coffee.  Bethel Pillay

Boost your immunity with healthy ingredients in the morning.  It might sound strange, but add a pinch of cinnamon, ginger and a dash of tumeric to your oats in the morning. They’re packed with antioxidants to help fight against all sorts of ailments. Chantal Esterhuizen

Eat fruit on the go. If you really don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast, grab a fresh fruit or two and eat on the go. Fruit is loaded with healthy nutrients and fibre to keep you fuller for longer.   Lolly Ludlow

Fill different Tupperware’s with healthy snacks. And have breakfast when you get to work or enjoy a mid-morning snack. Healthy options include sugar-free muesli, cranberries, assorted nuts, half a cup of breakfast cereal or nut butters for spreading on rice cakes.  Fatima Laher


Your favourite healthy breakfast is…

Yoghurt and muesli. On weekends, I enjoy poached eggs. Sunaina Orrie Sheikh

A smoothie! I add a cup of fresh strawberries/berries, 1 banana, pinch of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of honey, 3 Tbsp Greek yoghurt and 3 Tbsp of milk, blend and enjoy.  Saritha Elizabeth Solms

Seed bread with a healthy topping. I put avocado slices on toasted seed bread with a little trickle of honey. Teniele Bishun

Chia pudding topped with yoghurt and fruit. I make a big batch on Sunday night and I don’t have to do any prep during the week! Nikita McShane Nel

Bacon, avocado and eggs! I’m on a Banting diet, so this is the way I start my day Melanie-Ann Diesel

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