iThemba Walkathon: Get the right socks!

woman&home is gearing up for a 5km stint in the Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon on 25 October. Get fit alongside us, by checking out our walk-your-way to health guide featuring daily tips over the month of October!

We spend loads on top-of-the-range running shoes, but often don’t give a second thought to what socks we’ll be wearing. Time to take note!

However tempting 100% cotton socks sound, stay away! Cotton holds sweat, and sweat plus friction from long walks usually equals blisters!


1000 Mile ladies “double layer” socks. R125 from

Get yourself a special pair of walking socks. They’re a bit expensive and, frankly, they’ve never really got around to making truly girly designs, but never mind the look of them, your feet will thank you at the finish line. A good brand to look out for? 1000 Mile, available from around R125 per pair on, are our personal favourites.

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