iThemba Walkathon: Build those steps!

woman&home is gearing up for a 5km stint in the Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon on 25 October. Get fit alongside us, by checking out our walk-your-way to health guide featuring daily tips over the month of October!


Unlock the key to upping your fitness levels, by counting the steps you take each day. It’s easier than it sounds…

Get into the swing of things with a daily walk, gradually building up your fitness levels (and the amount of kilojoules burned!) by doing a little more each day. Forget about the distance you’ve walked and the time it takes to do it; instead, focus on how many steps you take on your daily stroll. How do you do this? Invest in a step-counting pedometer that’ll do the maths for you, so you can enjoy the scenery! Try the Sportline Max Calorie Burn Pedometer, from R212 on

The average person walks between 3 000 and 4 000 steps per day – use your pedometer to gauge your average and take it from there. We’re aiming to get up to around 10 000 steps per day before the Walkathon. The best way to do this is by slowly increasing your step-count, adding extra steps each day in a moderate-intensity walk. Over the 17 weekdays leading up to the Walkathon, we’ll be adding an extra 430 steps each day, starting out on our 3 000-step average today. Let the fitness begin!

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