8 tips to wind down at night


Woman&Home reader, Kelly Ross is an image consultant who is having trouble winding down at night. As part of our #5MinutesMore campaign with Clinique, we asked you to share your top de-stress tips to help you sleep better, and here are our 10 favourites:


Create a relaxing reading corner. This is your special sanctuary where you shouldn’t be disturbed and can relax with a good novel. Ricky Wilson

Use a few sleep props to help get you into a sleepy state. Try low lights, soft soothing music, a nice relaxing massage, and you’re sure to fall asleep faster. Sandhaya V Maharaj

Have a soothing cup of green tea before bed. Something warm to drink, plus reading and relaxing music are also winning combinations.   Thamany Reddy

Be aware of anything that can affect your sleeping patterns. Switch of all lights, resist the urge to snack before bed time and don’t look at your phone or tablet as all of these can stimulate the brain. Ruweida Muhammad

Use a soft, silky eye mask. This blocks out any protruding light and allows your mind & body to succumb to full, undivided relaxation and sleep. Roxanne Chuttergoon

Paint your room a cool calm colour
. Blue usually works best. Make it a place you’d love to spend time in. Tina Pieterse

Avoid too much stimulation after 8pm. Have a winding down ritual. Try adding relaxing lavender oil  to your bath, enjoy a cup of warm milk and honey, turn the humidifier on, and relax in bed with your favourite Woman & Home magazine! Lizelle Saunders Bright

Hit the sack early. If you’re really busy during the day, make sure you go to bed as early as possible so that you give yourself enough time to rest and wake up with energy. Nobhule Dlamini

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