water challengeThe “Acqua for Life” global campaign has been running for the past five years to raise awareness about our most precious resource – water.

This year Giorgio Armani and Green Cross are introducing the #1Day10Litres Challenge, where a 10-litre jerry can is used to carry out daily activities, from showering to cooking. Ten litres may sound like a lot, but when you look at the jerry can, it’s really not much at all.

w&h was invited to take part in this global challenge. Our beauty, fashion, lifestyle and features editors volunteered to take on the challenge on 22 March 2016 (which was also World Water Day).


Meet the editors who took part in the #1Day10Litres challenge and read about their experiences.

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Our beauty editor, Tracey Kroukamp says, “It was a lot harder than I expected. You don’t actually realise how much water you use throughout the day, until you only have 10 litres. It taught me a lot though, and knowledge is power, right? I used wet wipes to wash my face, hand sanitiser to keep my hands clean, and my leftover kettle water to brush my teeth – once it cooled down of course! It was a really fun challenge, and I hope to take part in it again next year.”

Our features editor, Lauren Mc Diarmid says, “My biggest cringe-factor was going to the loo – I did my best not to flush, and didn’t wash my hands, so hand sanitiser was my saving grace! The most striking part of the challenge was noticing how, as the day went by, my container got lighter and lighter – and to think the same is happening to the world’s water supply. I’m lucky that today I can go back to normal, albeit more aware of how much water I use. But for many people, this is a daily reality.”

Our lifestyle editor, Megan Wellman says, “This challenge forced me to be more aware of how much water I use, and waste, on a daily basis. I have a terrible habit of leaving the tap on while I brush my teeth. Little did I know that by simply turning off the tap – and filling up a glass with water to brush my teeth – I can save up to six litres of water a minute! I’ve turned my bad habit around, and now I keep a glass in the bathroom. And yes, I used every drop of my 10 litres.”

Our fashion editor, Ashleigh Van Der Westhuizen says, “What an exciting and eye-opening challenge! I consider myself to be conscious of the amount of water I use, but I had no idea how much I was actually using. Cutting down was difficult but also extremely liberating. This wasn’t a one-day challenge: I am now more aware of my water usage than ever before, and I’m excited to be more water wise in the future – and I encourage others to be as well!”